To Be Curious. To Be Good. To Be Happy. To Be Proud. To Be Unique. To Be Frank.

Frank’s point of departure is that communication should be forthright and honest to reach its target. In other words, Frank. We work with identifying, defining, and shaping brands. Our clients are companies and organizations, often with complex messages. This calls for simplicity and clarity of expression.

The Frank nucleus is Elisabeth Larsson, project director, Jörgen Runeby, copywriter and branding strategist, Petra Stärkman, art director, Patrik Bogren, art director, Kaisa Andersson, graphic designer and Louise Wigö, graphic designer.

The network surrounding Frank includes designers, writers, Web developers, PR consultants, interior designers, events agencies, photographers, moviemakers, cultural anthropologists, artists, creativity consultants, and behavioral scientists.

Meet The To Be Franks